World Autism Day….by Judy Dooley

World Autism Day….by Judy Dooley

It’s World Autism day today and all around social media people are wearing blue and highlighting the spectrum.

I personally think it’s wonderful that so much awareness has been raised. I remember when one of my eldest sons was diagnosed with Aspergers 12 years ago , very little was known about the syndrome here in South Africa.

When my youngest son was diagnosed 4 years later I  read and educated myself with knowledge from the States and Canada.

I was staying in Aberdeen in the Eastern Cape at the time and my doctor had never heard of Aspergers.  I ended up loaning him a packet sent to me by an Autism group in America, in order for him to educate himself.

3 years ago , I was on a radio show highlighting life as a mom with children on the spectrum and one of the biggest things that struck me was that Autism only gets one day.

One day for people to acknowledge these special children (and adults) that are often so much smarter than us but who battle to communicate.

FB_IMG_1491131536333We give them one day . One day where we accept them , celebrate them and purchase items to help them . Then we forget. We blindly carry on with our lives safe in the knowledge that we’ve done our bit.

Today , please remember that once you’ve shared a post, clicked a like or worn your blue , an Autism parent celebrates Autism daily.

This year do more …..

Practice tolerance for those who are different to you.

Offer to be a friend to the child who can’t make or keep friends.

Listen to the mom who deals with meltdowns daily.

Don’t judge a parent on their child’s behaviour.

Understand why a little girl is flapping or why her brother keeps pulling off his clothing.

Give of your time to a home that assists Autism.

Read and educate yourself to be able to educate others.

Make that tired parent a cup of tea, babysit or run an errand.

Your kindness, tolerance and understanding is needed much more than a Facebook like.

Happy World Autism Day

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