What is important when choosing a career?…..by Trudie Johnston

What is important when choosing a career?…..by Trudie Johnston

Dear Learner (and parents) … What is important when choosing a CAREER ….

Well let’s start with, what IS a career ??? In todays’ world, it is more a career PATHWAY that you are choosing as once you have studied within a career field, there are always doors that will open for you within that field and further studying that can be done !!

Gone are the days where you left school, became a bookkeeper, worked your entire life as a bookkeeper and eventually retired with the same company, where you drew a pension from for the rest of your days !!

Now a career is far more ‘flexible’, things are changing at such a rapid rate, that unless you move with the times and update yourself with knowledge, you will be left behind … that is why it is so very important to look very carefully at what FIELD of study you wish to go into and empower yourself with knowledge on the advancement opportunities within that field.

There is one particular bit of advice I’d like to impart, and that is MAKE SURE you choose the right subjects at school that will support your chosen career through Tertiary Education !! it is not completely too late to wake up in matric and realise that you don’t have the right subjects, as one can always do a post matric year and study the necessary subjects … but WHY would you want to do this when you have the opportunity to get it right when choosing your subjects in Grade 9 ??? After all, it’s not ideal to have to put in a further year or two of studying before you get to apply to University or College !!

Most University / College Degrees require Math & Physics …. there are a number of careers that don’t require these subjects, but my far the majority do, and IF you want to study Engineering, Medicine or Science, then you need a HIGH pass in these two subjects.

So over and above choosing the right subjects and getting good marks for them, you also need to write entrance tests to get into some institutions – there is a tremendous amount of competition to get it, and unfortunately, at times, even with excellent marks, you don’t qualify for your chosen course.

It is therefore imperative to have a second and third choice … you also don’t want to be in the position where you go into a course because your peers are going into it, nor do you necessarily want to follow what Mom & Dad do/suggest. It is best to EMPOWER YOURSELF with as much knowledge about the various fields of study and the careers within those fields so that you can make an informed choice about your future !!

If you do not do this, the chance that you may drop out of University / College in year one are very real.

So, for SUPPORT in making these important choices, visit my website www.synergy-coaching.co.za and see the Tertiary Education Program I offer learners … it is intensive and thorough, but well worth it if you want ‘peace of mind’ !!!

Take the GUESS work out of the decision making process … I support the Education process through empowerment – hop onto the website and contact me if you like what you see …


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