Three easy ways to organize your life …..By Judy Dooley

Three easy ways to organize your life …..By Judy Dooley

 FB_IMG_1496416275489People often stereotype organization with the idea of an OCD perfectionist. But the true essence of organization is to develop a sense of efficiency by reducing the clutter and stress around you. This in turn, enhances your time management, saves you money and improves the quality of your life. As a society , we also first associate organizing the space around us by decluttering our homes and organizing our personal belongings into neat little compartments. A stress free environment follows a clear thinking mind.

  Below are three fast and efficient ways to organize the space around you to ensure that your mind is clear.

  1. Positivity vs negativity

 The first step to organization is to change your mind set. Release all negative thoughts and things that no longer work for you. Is your job getting you down, get another. Do you feel stressed by old arguments or grudges, forgive and move on. Yes , it is that simple. Positivity allows us to move forward with faith.

 2. Prioritize

 Prioritize your time and the people who are most important to you. By changing a few habits and putting your family, career, health, hobbies and friends first we automatically lead a healthier , more fulfilling life and leave less opportunity for stress, negative situations and wasted time.

  3. Friends …the good the bad the ugly 

Toxic relationships can play havoc on the mind and leave us feeling stressed and with a sense of no control over our lives. Sifting through our friends list and distancing ourselves from the dramatic, toxic friends opens us to more positive , healthy relationships and a happier attitude. The happier we are , the more in control of our lives we are. 

So, start now and get organized in the space around you.

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