The Moon Sister by Lucinda Riley

The Moon Sister by Lucinda Riley

The Moon Sister is the fifth in a series of seven books. It follows the lives of six sisters who were all adopted by Pa Salt, an elusive billionaire. On his death he left them the co-ordinates of where they came from and left it up to the individual daughters whether they wanted to find out more about their ancestry or not. Each daughter was named after one of the Seven Sisters constellation.

Moon Sister follows Tiggy (Taygete) D’Apliese to a remote Scottish area where she plans on looking after the wild life on the isolated Kinnaird Estate. Tiggy has always had an affinity for animals and a healing touch. When something happens on the Estate she decides to flee to Granada in Spain which is where her co-ordinates tell her she came from.

The story moves between Tiggy’s tale and the tale of the greatest flamenco dancer of her generation, La Cadela, who had to flee Spain during the Civil War. Tiggy discovers her gypsy roots and starts to understand and embrace her healing talent under the watchful eye of a gifted gypsy bruja.


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