The Love Challenge….by Judy Dooley

The Love Challenge….by Judy Dooley


As a self confessed photoholic I’ve been known over the past 25 years to photograph every major , minor and totally insignificant moments of my children’s lives. From birthday parties to teeth brushing , I have the photo.

So much so that I have thousands of albums full of photos and its a standard joke among those around me that there she goes taking more photos.

As a stay at home, home school mommy I was very actively involved in my children’s lives and documenting our day for various blogs meant an array of photos. Two of my sons have Aspergers so what seems small achievements to some were huge milestones for us, this meant more photos. Being totally in love with being a mom and enjoying my children again meant more photos.

So when I had little bear , I opened a separate Facebook account just for his photos , as there are only soooo many baby pics you can post before your friends quietly find the delete button.

After all, to be fair , not everyone finds your precious darling as interesting or adorable as you do.

I’ve paced myself as to how many times I tag B and the kids and try , believe me I try, not to post too many baby and kiddo pics on my fb . The older kids now sigh , roll their eyes and go ‘she’s at it again’ as their phones alert them to yet another one of moms photo opportunities.

Choosing just one photo sends me into an anguished melt down and resisting the urge to not take photos is no easy feat for a memory keeper.

So , when I received this message this morning I was again reminded you never know who you can inspire by just being yourself.

“Just wanted to say thank you for posting pics of little bear. We’ve been following his journey and yours, broken leg and everything. He is adorable. While normally we’d be like, oh gosh, more baby pics, I actually look forward to them. Reminds me of how much I fell in love with my little girl when she was that size, and reminds me to keep falling in love with her now. ”

And there it was … Not only do we need to fall in love with our children daily , marvel in their achievements, celebrate their milestones, share their growth, feel their joys but we have to let them always know the depth of our love for them.

Today I challenge you to just love your child, see the world through their eyes and proudly boast their amazing moments.

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