The joys of an Aspergers meltdown……by Judy Dooley

The joys of an Aspergers meltdown……by Judy Dooley

FB_IMG_1488035257577If you’ve ever witnessed the majestic meltdown of a child with Aspergers you will agree when I say Aspergers mom’s are given a triple dose of patience at their child’s birth.

Having 2 boys now 21 and 16 both with Aspergers means under my shiny red locks I’m a subtle shade of grey , I developed a look that says” don’t try me ” and mastered the art of remaining calm when I’d like to ship them off to Siberia.

Sadly, for children on the Autism spectrum, understanding and expressing emotions does not come easily  and so it’s important to remove your own emotions and try to focus on the fact that the melt down is due to frustration at not being “heard” or understood.

Still, more often than not this is much easier said than done , especially when your Aspergers child enters the teen scene and has the added burden of peer pressure and adolescence.

Recently Monkey decided to throw vinegar on the floor to kill an invading ant colony, I still don’t understand why as we have doom in the cupboard.

Needless to say , with a flat now smelling like a Greek salad and my white tiles showing signs of creative artwork where the black vinegar had dried in spots ….this mother lost her shiiite.

I’m sure in the proceeding argument he explained his point but I was beyond understanding. Expecting guests in ten minutes meant I just wanted the floor washed. The why’s could wait till later.

What erupted was a volcanic meltdown of mass proportion . Monkey transforming into a delinquent of note before me and rushing out the house.

Upon his return  he was even worse. Music blaring, I do wish he’d start listening to music i like if he insists on playing it so loud, and teenage mood swing in full force. His verbal attack enough to leave others wanting to wash his mouth with soap.

By now I’d had time to return to my state of calm , which always annoys him. My poor friend looking horrified as he continued to be a world class obnoxious brat.

It didn’t take long for him to settle, apologise and clean his mess. Life back to its routine and monkey back to his loving ,helpful self.

We sat later that evening and discussed his behaviour and reaction. Every day is a learning curve and every day he is one step closer to learning to manage his emotions.

And , hopefully he doesn’t try drown the ants with 2ls of vinegar again .


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