Term 3 – Let’s Get Organised – Trudie Johnston from Synergy

Term 3 – Let’s Get Organised – Trudie Johnston from Synergy

There is no better time to start this than in Grade 4, and involving them in the process is a great idea.

The learners now have subjects that they need to be able to understand in order to learn.

It’s a much harder exercise to learn what you don’t understand, and leaving the understanding level to sort out just before a test or exams adds a huge amount of stress to their lives. So now I need to ask, “how involved are you” in their day to day, week to week schooling? Are you aware of what they are doing on a daily/weekly basis? Are you assisting them to be on top of their game, or are you too busy with your own lives?

Initially it is our responsibility as parents to lead the way and here’s a few ideas on the HOW:

> Buy a concertina file/30 page flip file and label sections with their subjects: English or their home language as taught at school; Afrikaans or their 2nd language; Math; (Social Science) History & Geography; Natural Science; Technology;…… This file is for all loose documents and study notes made while preparing for tests & exams.
Show them how to file things and teach them the importance of being organized. It saves time, and lowers stress levels.
> Make sure they have a diary, and it is used for writing down homework and any important information that the teacher gives them or notes you need to write to the teacher.
Check this on a daily basis and use this on a Sunday evening as you plan the week ahead.
> Make sure they have a calendar at home, in a prominent place (kitchen or bedroom door) where it can be viewed by both yourself and your child regularly. This calendar is where all IMPORTANT dates get entered such as: project deadlines, tests, oral presentations, exams etc get noted so that weekly planning can be worked around these dates.
Get you children to write the info onto the calendar, so they get used to the responsibility and use thereof.

My NEXT blog will cover the WHY and HOW of measurables, the importance of understanding vs knowing, and planning !!

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Cheers till next time… The Essence of Balance is so very important… Create it, enjoy it!!

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