TEEN SCENE Workshops

TEEN SCENE Workshops


Why does your TEEN need these ??
LIFE SKILLS form part of our living. Life has become truly complex in the 21st Century and our new upcoming leaders, now known as the ’I’ generation , are having to deal with an overwhelming amount of global issues, advancements in technology, pressure of rising to the challenge of securing a decent job and then expectations of family and friends. The ‘simplistic’ way of living and the foundations that are meant to be laid are now on ‘shaky’ ground.
Our TEENS are spending most of their time just trying to keep up, the balance has shifted, and we wonder why the suicide rate has increased over the years !?
Sad reality !! Unfortunately, many parents, due to the exact same pressures of the world bearing down on them, do not have the LIFE TOOLS to deal with these escalated changes.
TEEN SCENE is there to try and address some of these issues, to empower the teens with skills and tools that, once mastered, can carry them through into adult life.
The schools are trying to address some of the issues through their LO program, but with respect, the numbers of teens per class makes the lessons difficult to learn, and the application thereof with no follow through, are lessons lost.
TEEN SCENE Workshops address these issue and more. We do tend to lean towards the SKILLS to cope with HIGH SCHOOL education, but we bring in the emotional aspect to resistance, to change, to growth and personal development too. Life is an integration of IQ and EQ, get the balance right, and you will have an adult that can handle most situations with integrity and empathy.
For more info on the below workshops that run throughout the year, contact me directly: Trudie 082 9512514 or http://trudie@synegy-coaching.co.za


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