Tale of a frazzled mom…..by Judy Dooley

Tale of a frazzled mom…..by Judy Dooley

Yesterday I watched as an harassed young mom, with her mommy bun and quickly thrown together make up , spent a good 4 hours with her 3 young well dressed boys .

 The boys were all younger than 5 and mom was having a hard time in the 34 degree heat keeping them entertained.  

They whined and demanded  ,they fought and cried. Mom kept grabbing new items out of her limitless backpack to keep them busy despite the playground available to them.

 When they were on the playground equipment, our frazzled mom could not be in 3 places at once and on more than one occasion one of her young sons hurt themselves.

 Now, before you judge mom as a bad mother please ask where her husband was on this beautiful bright Saturday afternoon.

 He was calmly engaged in a nice game of football with his friends. Taking a cool shower afterwards and then staying in the change rooms to share a few celebratory drinks with his friends ….for over an hour.

 I know it was over an hour later because when our poor mom , exasperated and having lost all patience, finally saw him , she screamed at him in her best fish wife voice. 

 I watched and saw how people looked at her, thinking what a terrible wife and how her husband rolled his eyes thinking he’d done nothing wrong. 

 I’m sure he didn’t see the woman who hurried to dress that morning, who took time to make his children presentable so he would be proud. The woman who supported his hobby and patiently mothered his children. I’m sure he didn’t see that his boys wanted to enjoy the sunny day playing with dad as well.

  I’m sure that after his game dad could have shared a quick drink and joined mom and his family ten minutes later so that they could all enjoy the afternoon together.

 Instead mom huffed off with 3 crying children and dad stayed to finish a few more beers with his friends.

 Before you judge that frazzled, out of control mom who looks more like a monster try to understand she has properly been riding on her last nerve all day.

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