Soggy Nappies and Snot Noses……by Judy Dooley

Soggy Nappies and Snot Noses……by Judy Dooley

As a preschool teacher I’ve never understood the following ...

1. Soggy nappies
Nothing annoys me more than a poor little sausage whose lazy parents didn’t bother to change their evening nappy before dumping them at school. 12 hours of smelly , cold wee sticking uncomfortably to your poor child’s bum. The weight of those soggy nappies that show signs of inching down the little legs must be tremendous on tiny beings. It’s also revolting that a mom managed to get her mascara vogue perfect but was too lazy to change their own child …I doubt shed be so happy to wear 12 hours of wee in a maternity pad #justsaying

2. Public pj wearing
Really ? I’m sorry but did someone forget to tell you most people don’t dress like a Jerry Springer show and even at 3 your child can be embarrassed of you. They announce their arrival with haphazard mommy buns and tatty gowns to cover the evenings pg.’s FB_IMG_1489870235813 stained with the signs of mommy-hood and always ensure they have fluffy slippers of revolting taste to match. Often a hurried “ooh we late” is uttered by our desperate housewife wannabe.  I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like something the cat brought in and most certainly not in granny’s pj’s either. #getdressed

3. Lack of discipline
For the life of all things holy …please discipline your child at home. This really should not only be your teachers job. I know we get paid and you believe we do nothing all day but little Susie is not cute when she back chats and as for little Jonnie bullying his friends , yip that behavior started when you let him hit you.  No is not a universal code for temper tantrums and screaming your lungs out from defiance is looked down on by most Spock followers even if Freud thought it was because you didn’t breastfeed. Mostly these bratty behaviors are encouraged , enable and entertained at home by the same parents who gasp in amazement when teachers bring this to their attention. #yourkidsabrat

4. Medication mommies
We all get sick and when our children are ill a few meds can do the trick but if your medicine cabnet looks like a pharmacy and your child is living on 16 different “avoidance” meds a day ….wtf!  Mostly these moms arent able to get their children to take the rush of meds they try to force down them unnecessarily and expect miracle teachers to magically turn into Mary Poppins whilst singing a spoon full of sugar administering yet another medicine.  You will never avoid every illness. Kids need to get some germs and grime in them so their natural antibodies can develop. These mommy’s are DIY doctors prescribing over the counter meds according to google illnesses treated with more enthusiasm than Doc Macstuffings #druggy

5. Snot rags
You notice their noses running a marathon as they enter the classroom. Most need permanent nose plugs to sap up the snotty liquid overflowing from their little nasal cavities.  Mom and dad seemed oblivious to the state of snot beginning to encrusted itself upon little Tommy’s face . Daily , an entire box of tissues can be allocated to avoid the sharing of snot with hands , toys and food . At home time , said parent will exclaim in a tone of authority “did you wipe his nose? ” as you bite back a sarcastic Excuse me ????#get tissue

We see it all in class. A rich dynamic of amazing parents and an entire community of bad parents.

If I could say just one thing to parents out there it would be that you are your child’s primary care taker and educator even if you send them to school all day. It starts with you an what you allow, teach and tolerate at home. FB_IMG_1489870101551

Set the example… your teachers are patient , loving souls but we are far from the Nanny Mcfee’s of the world.

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