Smell the mince pies….by Judy Dooley

Smell the mince pies….by Judy Dooley

fb_img_1480681850110Teacher gifts, end of the year functions, school concerts, Christmas shopping and the rest of the hectic Ho Ho Ho’s of the festive season have descended like a cat in a Christmas

As we rush about our days trying to find time to fit everything in to end the year and start our silly seasons holidays, we are so focused on the end goal most of us forget to stop and smell the mince pies.

As Dr Seuss said ….”prehaps Christmas is a little bit more!”

Christmas is not about the size of your home ,the matching decor of your Top Billing tree or the price of the gifts you just placed onto your credit cards to pay off over the next 365 days.

Do we not owe our children the magic of our time,of freshly baked gingerbread wafting through the kitchen, of small hands making gifts with love for family members and of the joy of creating beautiful memories.

This year I’ve vowed to spend more time making memories and less time making debt.

I want to remind my children that gifts of love and random kindness are more valuable than the latest techno gadget.

As we open the doors of our advent calendar, I will make the time, forsaking shallow gatherings and commercial shopping sprees to create Christmas memories that will jingle all the way to their adulthood.

This year I will remember to unwrap the love behind the season and spoil my children with a Christmas rich in traditional magic and joy ,by giving them a gift that will delight their happy hearts ….a mom who stops and smells the mince pies with them.

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