Once upon a life….by Judy Dooley

Once upon a life….by Judy Dooley

2016-12-13-04-25-29Not so long ago in the land of “grown up” kids lived a very happy mom approaching middle age with a keen sense of sarcasm and a fine taste for wine.

Her weekends were a never ending circuit  of adventures and her palate grew accustomed to the finer foods of a pre-children bank account.

Draped in the latest fashion, her pristine hair nails and makeup matched her event and she steered her carefree days into nights of selfish alone time.

Baths were long, hot and luxuriously filled with bubbles.  The bathroom was never interrupted. She skillfully applied her makeup at leisure and drank her coffee hot whilst contemplating what her day may bring.

Then came baby….

Now our mom ambles through her day infant on hip mommy bun wildly thrown together.

Although she showered while baby napped the stains of baby dribble line her clothing. Like a new fragrance they leave a bittersweet after taste.

She’s forgotten the makeup under the layers of baby paraphernalia in her bag and where once she wondered how much that new pair of shoes costs she now budgets for nappies and wet wipes.

Sleep is a long gone commodity and wine has been swopped for cold coffee as someone has to be alert for baby.

Her days are full of kiddy milestones and little moments of sanity grasped in passing moments of adult conversation.

Poor her I hear you say. Oh no I heard the gasp. Shame you tsk…..

But our mom is blissfully unaware of the changes to her lifestyle.  She stopped noticing the party crowd and moved her fomo into second gear.

You see our mom is in love…she’s fallen hopelessly and madly in love with her perfectly created being and in an instant, as they placed his tiny body in her arms and he looked at her with those innocent eyes, her former life became insignificant and she knew right there and right then …nothing would ever be the same .Nothing would be more important than her tiny baby.

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