Mr Dad… Judy Dooley

Mr Dad… Judy Dooley

img_20161113_008494I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things in my life , but none comes close to the perfection of a mans love for his son.

As the saying goes -‘Any man can father a child but it takes a daddy to love a child’

When I first met B, it was his acceptance and gentleness towards my children that attracted me to him. He involved them and encouraged them each time we were together. Taking time to get to know them. Playing with kiki and monkey and making time for my grown up brood.

My first wonderful memories are of B and Monkey climbing a huge bolder at Spier and one of my favourite photos is of kiki, monkey and B standing inside the large jaw of a shark at the natural history museum.

Over the last 2 years I’ve seen how my boys have been guided , molded and taught by his example. I’ve watched his gentleness with my daughters. I’ve seen them grow in love and respect for a man who 2 years ago asked my children permission to date me.

I knew from those first moments what an amazing father he would be to his own child. A man who can step up and love another mans children, must have a special kind of heart. I have never doubted what an amazing father he would be to little bear.

Yesterday as we sat in the cool cafe awaiting our lunch time nibble , I watched as B transitions from mr workaholic (I’m sure his staff don’t understand the weekend concept!) to mr dad, within seconds of little bear looking at him with those large bottle blue eyes.

B’s protective arms cradling little bear as he whispered words only dads can whisper to their sons. His eyes shone with the same pride that he spoke to those around us of little bears achievements.

As the wind rose , dad instinctively grabbed the blanket , lovingly wrapping little bear from the breeze.

I watched as our son snuggled close to his fathers chest , and as B drew his lips to place a gentle kiss on little bears head.

These moments will pass quickly, but their bond will remain through eternity. A love only a dad and son can know.

B is his sons lighthouse , safe ,secure and always ready to guide. His light shining the way for little bear to follow.

Little bear is the calm to B’s storm. After a long , stressful day he can hold his son and the world dissolves . Only the love for this tiny helpless being exists.

There is nothing, in this world, more special than a man who loves his children.

Its this love that prompts me falling in love more with B each day.

Today , thank your partners for their love and efforts. Let them know just how special a daddy is in your families lives.

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