Lunch for three….part three of the lunch trilogy by Vanessa Harmse

Lunch for three….part three of the lunch trilogy by Vanessa Harmse

aIt’s been 3 years…3 years since I last attended a Christmas Lunch, not just as a plus 1.  My slow returns into the working adult world are accompanied with rushed feelings of new found purpose. I finally had places to go and people to see…I almost forgot what this kind of ‘pressure’ feels like…Mommy needs to get out and grow! (Not too fast though considering I had just recently had a minor operation)

Dessert set me slightly off track, Mrs Red Velvet Cupcakes wasn’t able to make an appearance and I was definitely not going to allow a course to be skipped, not on my watch at least! Rushing to pick up some of my all-time saver- Woolies Malva pudding and what I thought was pouring cream (pouring cream, thick cream same thing really, ha-ha?!). I headed out into the sweltering heat to start my journey.

Fellow blogger in tow, aircon on full blast and my yummy “road trip” snacks. We were good to go! Assuming one of us knew where we were going, I failed to enter our destination in the GPS. Thankfully we realised in time, not missing the boat before it sailed!

Boarding the Kay, I was welcomed into an entire creative world. The ship came to life with its hopping table bunnies (two of which followed me home), an inviting Narnia wardrobe, and Mr Bouncer Giraffe, whom was carefully keeping a beady eye on us.

As we sat, my immediate thoughts were brought into question by our Captain, “Shall we eat?”

“YES!” my stomach screamed (nothing unusual even though I had practically devoured an entire packet of cheese puffs, kindly only offering my travel blogger one or two).

I was quickly welcomed into my happy place; which is anywhere with food! After all, we know eating is what I do best.

As conversation flowed, mouths stuffed full, and our worlds began to knit together, I was quickly reminded that my time was up, I had to report back to Mommy World. The daddies had done their duties, and we disembarked.

Here’s to new found friendships, exciting business ventures, and realizing above all, thanks to my Captain and fellow blogger, I’m a good mom. And that alone is everything I need to bring on 2017 J


P.S My tip for 2017: Dessert makes everything better <3


Peppermint Crisp Fridge Tart Recipe

1 packet tennis biscuits

500ml fresh cream

1 can caramel treat (I throw in 2, occasionally.)

1 large peppermint crisp chocolate



-Whip cream till stiff peak stage (Be careful not to over-whip.)

-Add caramel treat and mix in until smooth

-Add 2-4 crushed tennis biscuits

-Add ¾ crush peppermint crisp chocolate

-Mix all together

-In a glass dish pour ¼ of the mixture. Then add a layer of tennis biscuits, and pour another ¼ of mixture, and so on till 3-4 layers have been made to make the dish full.

-Sprinkle remaining peppermint crisp chocolate over the top, as well as a crushed tennis biscuit.

-Allow to set in the fridge over an hour or two.



(Truth be told I did after writing this long overdue blog!)






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