Life Lessons and Step Monsters….by Judy Dooley

Life Lessons and Step Monsters….by Judy Dooley

There I was all ready to rescue my poor son from his evil step monster when it dawned on me ….what am I teaching him? 

 It’s no secret I’d rather clean a toilet than be nice to her and both me and social services question her parenting skills 

 But …

 What am I teaching my 16 year old if I rush in and save him from not facing his problems?  

 My son chose to stay with his father and that includes the step Monster.  He doesn’t have to like her but he most certainly has to follow their house rules.

 He also needs to start learning he can’t run away from his problems and how to overcome things that seem a problem for him or he will need cope as an adult in a productive society.

 So , when the SOS came …I said sorry can’t fetch you.

 He was in no danger.

 He wasn’t hurt.

 It wasn’t life threating and he didn’t need me.

 What he needed was to know his mother love him, is available to listen and guide, and the I trust him to make the right decisions and solve his problems .

 This morning all is well in the land of co-parenting and he is friends with the step monster once again.

 Sometimes you have to just trust the foundation you’ve laid moms.


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