Let me sleep…..by Judy Dooley

Let me sleep…..by Judy Dooley

images1jWith a new baby in the house everyone wants to Ohh! Aah! and coo. Friends pop by for that quick cuddle and its wonderful to reflect on what amazing ,supportive,loving people we have in our lives

 But, honestly -Let me sleep!

 Yes, so it sounds selfish and ungrateful. But I’m trying to find a routine in our calm chaos, really just want to keep my pjs on till 12 and have forgotten if I left my make up in the car or under that huge pile of washing.

 All my energy has been sapped up by my little human and right now the limit of my conversation is how many nappies I’ve changed and the occasional uttering of “Oh my word he …” (Followed by something I thought was adorable)

 I’ve overlooked the cobwebs and properbly the kitchen floor aswell. My dishes resemble the Eiffel tower, and as for my washing….I’m sure that multiplies by magic.

 I’d much prefer if you saw me , well dressed (pjs and monster slippers aren’t really clothes to entertain a crowd in) , calm and with a clean house …..and realistically, this is Not going to happen before 12pm.

 I’ve even wondered if its politically correct in the parenting circles to start handing out entrance coupons that entitle the ‘visitor’ to see baby provided they wash my dishes, vacume the floor, cook supper , sort the washing ……

 Friends and families , new moms aren’t ungrateful or selfish ……we exhausted. We falling in love daily with our little people and learning how to reshuffle our lives to fit it all in .

So today , give a gift of love and let us sleep!

Happy napping 😉


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