Essence of Balance – Blog: TERM 1 – time for reflection !!

Essence of Balance – Blog: TERM 1 – time for reflection !!

How is term 1 panning out for you and your little/big one ???
Are you happy that it is nearing an end – athletics is almost over … in this heat, I’m glad for all concerned !!
How are you feeling about the teacher, and how is your little/big one coping with the syllabus ?
What does your time management look like ?
Most working parents need to be super organised to keep it altogether !!
Has term 1 worked for you and your little/big one ??
I encourage you to do a reflection session of term one ….

How do you do this ??
Let’s grab an A4 sheet of paper. Draw 2 lines to divide the page into 1/4’s !
Head each section as follows:

 Worked WELL

 Worked, needs IMPROVEMENT

 DIDN’T work, need to change

 Didn’t work, it must GO

Now list where the following goes:
 Morning routine – getting up, dressing, eating, transport etc

 Afternoon routine – transport, sport, eating, homework etc

 Evening routine – transport, homework, dinner, getting ready for bed etc


 Orals

 Studying for tests

 Weekends

Me time

 Exercise

 Family time

All under WORKED well – REPEAT next term !

All under worked, needs IMPROVEMENT – what small adjustment needs to be made to up the ante a little bit ?

All under DIDN’T work – what drastic change needs to be made here ?

All under didn’t work, it must GO … discard and DON’T repeat this in term 2 !

How do you feel now ? More in control ? Ready to IMPLEMENT those necessary changes ?

IF you did the above exercise and you found them useful, WHATSAPP me with: Term 1 = CHANGE  – 082 9512514
I’m hoping this makes a difference to your stress levels 

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