DIY – I got this ! Or do I?…by Judy Dooley

DIY – I got this ! Or do I?…by Judy Dooley

imagesh1Little bear has earned the alias of sir feed-a-lot and is happily gaining in weight and length. Our healthy little bundle is now a rather largish baby whose gorgeous antique wicker cradle (that he slept in twice) is far to small for him.




Enter dad ……. While mom was still sulking at the lost illusion of a baby in a cradle , he headed off to the shops armed with location, store, price , discount coupon, colour ,description of new cot and a downloaded jpeg.

Two and a half hours later, Kazaam! A rectangular box was thrust upon me .

Really? Do I look like Bob the builder?

Looking at the box I muttered under my breathe, ‘How hard can this be right? ‘ A simple , DIY , pull from box and assemble. Pfffft! I had this …..and I’d show dad !

Typically I didn’t read instructions, who needs those anyway? So, me and my building crew, kiki and monkey, set about the task of getting one bright blue baby cot assembled.

Oh Em gee……an hour later we were still yanking and pulling parts. It would have been easier to assemble a lego space ship as far as I was concerned and I was on the verge of sucking up my pride and yelling for Hero dad to dash in , save the day and get the blasted cot up, when kiki in all of her wisdom suggested we read the instructions.

Defeated I pulled the paper leaflet and read step 1 – 4 . Four steps!!!! Are you serious? It had just taken us an hour and we only got it out the box ……

Not all that confidently ,  I read aloud each step and my building crew followed slowly.

Magically on step 4 , all clicks clicked and all parts fitted. Behold before us shone a jumbo sized baby blue camper cot with split levels and changing centre. Like magic , we couldn’t take our eyes off it .

Add to this masterpiece ,his mobile, a mosquito net, some stylish blue linen and a lady bug night light and we had a bed for little bear.

So there dad , I told you I had this …..pfffffft! And you doubted me .

Ps .Moms I think next time , this Bob the builder mommy may read the instructions first.

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