Date Time ….by Judy Dooley

Date Time ….by Judy Dooley

And there I was , sitting thinking 6 weeks of broken ankle, one over worked partner , enough baby dribble to fill a dam,my son moving back home, teenagers in the middle of exams, deadlines to meet ….and….I don’t thinkB and I have been out together , uninterupted in months.

Between pregnancy bed rest and my new bionic ankle we’ve been caught up in the responsibilities of life.

In lightening speed, our regular friday night date nights slowly succumbed to the necessities of parent hood.

Nostalgically, I wiped away a tear from my eye. Dang it! I miss spending alone time with my man.

In my books , this is a huge no no . Along with alone time to centre yourself and remind you that you are more than just a mother , wife, chief bottle washer and cook, I value together time.

Its important to me that our relationship is always made a priority. That we spend time nurturing , growing and enjoying each other.

Part of that, is spending time in each others company and just focusing on us.
Holding hands, sharing thoughts that don’t consist of monthly bills, what the cat ate or how that child managed to get a button up his nose.

Not to be outdone, or screwed over by life , I decided …date time!

Date planning , as I’ve just discovered , is suddenly not so easy anymore. Diary first….which weekend are the older kids at their dad? Do we have anything planned then? Who will be avaliable then to watch little bear? Finally , with much planning date set.

Ask best friend if she’s avaliable for some snugglelicious babysitting time. See which day of weekend she’s free and what time?

Next , where to go. With a broken ankle anything with stairs, bad parking or ramps that resemble Everest are out. Tax over worked brain for the perfect spot. Two hours later , settle on a flat level cafe near the ocean, about 10 minutes away from best friends house.

Yes, I know my mommy brain took into account little bear needing me much more than it took into account that my bionic leg would have enjoyed a relaxing brunch on a wine farm just as much. But cut me some slack….its going to be the first time I leave him with someone other than B and I.

I wonder which of us are going to want to check on little bear first?

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