Bio for Trudie Johnston from ‘Beautiful minds inspire others’

Bio for Trudie Johnston from ‘Beautiful minds inspire others’

Trudie Johnston – Bio
‘Born to Inspire’ some would say, and choose to look at the positive every minute of every day ….

At age 45 I realised I was ‘stuck’ in life and needed to ‘find’ my WHY … I think it had always been there, but I needed to own it … I now do !!

My LIFE coach encouraged me to take the plunge and live my passion, and so it was.
I completed my Life Coaching Diploma in 2011 and started practicing in 2012 – soon redefining my business to enabling Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with clarity and direction. Meantime the development of my own business continued and having had two TEENS go through the schooling system,

I realised there was not enough support for these teens when it comes to empowering them with enough knowledge for them to make two very important decisions in life: Grade 9 Subject Choice and Grade 11/12 What do I study after school ?? I now focus on these KEY areas in business and support the education process.

I network continuously to GROW my business and connect with other business owners as I believe adamantly that we all need to support one another directly or indirectly to grow …
Recently I trained as an ELS Therapist, again based in education and supporting the ‘littlies’ out there that have developmental delays aged 2-6. This therapy is intensive one on one and works alongside the South African education system. It looks at the 5 developmental areas in a child and ‘bridges’ the gap cognitively and has proved excellent and includes those children on the autism spectrum, both verbal and non verbal.

My PASSION is making a difference, so matter whose life I touch …

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