And so I eat…again! Part 4- Bloggers Breakfast….by Vanessa Harmse

And so I eat…again! Part 4- Bloggers Breakfast….by Vanessa Harmse

2Nothing excites an OCD mom such as myself more than hosting-true stories! There’s just something about that in control feeling that gets me all “high”. So it was a quick and easy decision for me when the topic of a New Year’s Bloggers Breakfast came up…PICK ME! Haha!

Setting up all pretty got my appetite slowly going…patient as the Captain might think I was I managed to sneak in a quick croissant before welcoming in my guests…giraffe included! J

As the juice started flowing and conversations got going (Irish twins screaming in the background and all) we all sunk deeper into our seats and enjoyed what little of the holidays we had left, lucky we had managed to slot some time in together.

Sitting surrounded by women, The Captain, Miss Limp Along (which she’ll have you know I’m like a personal trainer to her) and Mrs Red Velvet Cupcakes, that are slowly reaping the rewards to all their hard work that just started off as a dream it’s easy to be inspired and forget my age as I feel just like one of them. Big dreams=Big plans.

Thanks goes out to the Captain for allowing me to be a part of her journey…it really is such a privilege to be able to have a platform just to put pen to paper (ok fingers to keyboard) and get my thoughts and experiences out there. Never did I think this would be me…blogger mom.

AND an even bigger thank you to Mrs Red Velvet Cupcakes for taking the heat off me…this time at least! Feels so good not to have my ass in the hot seat for once! Lol.1

As breakfast became brunch and my eldest managed to sneak out and make a quick getaway once cupcake was in hand (my child indeed) we were reminded of how time flies when you are having fun.

Until us Mommy Bloggers and food unite again keep it real, keep it true.

Here’s to a kick ass 2017!


(You know it’s been a long day when you feel like you can’t complete your blog as you suspect your laptop may have bombed out only to discover a while later you forgot to check if the charger was actually plugged in!) #BlondeMommyMoments









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