A weekend without pants…by Judy Dooley

A weekend without pants…by Judy Dooley


I’m a believer of the old saying if the sun is shining be outside. Nothing stops me from enjoying nature’s bounty.

 Recently Bear has been rather ill and so we’ve chosen to stay indoors to help him recuperate.

 At first it felt wierdly odd doing nothing. Not going anywhere.  I was restless before I even woke up. I wondered what we’d do all day and struggled with the concept of wasting a perfectly good day inside.

 We grabbed some dvd’s. Got take aways and settled in the room. Bear happily gurgling away as he played with his toys. 

 We sorted cupboards,  spring cleaned and caught up on emails. All activities that the week is often just too short for.

 We cuddled and laughed as we watched bear play and I honestly spent the whole weekend lazing in big oversize shirts minus bra and pants.

 If you’ve never done that …put it on your bucket list now. It’s wildly liberating knowing you just don’t have to put those pants on if you don’t want to.

 We ignored the world and for the briefest of times I was transported to our dating days when B and I would spend lazy Sundays enjoying lie ins and bed picnics.


That was 3 weeks ago …..


Since then we’ve had 3 amazing do nothing weekends and I’ve been more productive work wise in those 3 weeks than I have in almost 2 months.

 Sometimes  you need to slow down , quieten the pace and reprioritize. 

 We get so busy that often our busy is just bustling about and not actually achieving anything.

So mom’s …. take a weekend off. Banish the bra, forget the pants , live on 5ake out and do nothing . You deserve it !



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