… A TIME FOR REFLECTION – by Helen Hansen

… A TIME FOR REFLECTION – by Helen Hansen

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Here’s a little Reflection Exercise I recently used for myself during a particularly trying situation with a challenging individual in my life.

1. During some Me-Time of sitting quietly in your favourite chair, going for a walk, relaxing in the bath or whatever calms your mind, ask the following question:
What is the one issue I would like to let go of in my life right now?
It could be at work, at home, in a relationship, in your body or even in your mind?
Notice the first answer that drifts forwards even if it doesn’t make sense.
2. What emotion/s do I feel when I think about this issue?
3. Where is this emotion sitting in my physical body?
4. Place one hand lightly on your forehead and the other hand lightly on the area where you are feeling the emotion currently residing. Breathe slowly and deeply continuing with your reflection. Keep this position until you notice a lessening or completion of the physical reaction. Now that the emotion has been balanced you can move on….
5. What has been the benefit of experiencing this issue?
* if your brain tries to tell you there is no benefit, repeat the question until you find a benefit. Look for at least 2 more benefits.
6. Give thanks for these blessings that you have experienced.
7. Rub your palms together, breathe deeply and smile ?

I hope this reflection exercise will assist you as much as it did for me


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