Reflection – by Trudie Johnston of Beautiful Minds Inspire Others

Reflection – by Trudie Johnston of Beautiful Minds Inspire Others

Reflection is SO good for you … take time out and do it !!! Highly recommended !!!

Mid November and it is time to reflect on 2016 … why, because on reflection of the highlights of the year, one can express gratitude … on reflection of all the good that has happened through the year, one can decide if one should maintain and repeat … and if one looks at things that haven’t quite worked out as planned, one can make decisions !??

Do I understand why it didn’t work out ??  Am I concerned about the outcome ??  If I am, do I want to change direction with it ?? If not, do I want to let it go ??

These questions can be asked for all aspects of life, and can be used as a business tool too !!

The problem is that often we don’t put time aside to do this … is it because partly we don’t want to face the reality ?? The truth ??

Procrastinating, or ‘burying’ your head in the sand essentially means that you are ‘happy with life’ or you are more comfortable to stay where you are because you ‘fear’ change … is this you ??

Perhaps the reason for this is because moving out your comfort zone presents you with a ‘risk’ / challenge and you feel you don’t have the support you need … this is real and can be daunting.

However, if you ‘always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’ !!

That is MY very most favourite saying as it rings true for SO many people !!

So let’s look forward into 2017, by reflecting on 2016 …

You need to set aside about 3 hours (or longer) for this tool to be most effective … I call this “POWER 3 HOUR” in my business / life coaching that I do … it is the most wonderful tool to work with … you’ll be amazed at what gets unearthed as you ‘break’ things down, attach an emotion, and then rebuild … be it personally or in business !??

So, if you feel the urge to get ‘unstuck’ from where you are, but are unsure to HOW, feel free to contact me … put the INTENTION out there in 2017, and see how your intention attracts NEWNESS !! Let me be the support you need ??

The choice is yours to make !! Don’t live life with regret !!

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