Happy Halloween……by Judy Dooley

Happy Halloween……by Judy Dooley

1Halloween , the annual spooktacular affair for bringing your skeletons out the closet. Every ghoul, ghost , witch and wizard dress in their best attire to out do the zombies and aliens of this world.

Cape Town locals zip off to make up artists who transform them into the cast of the Walking dead for our annual Zombie walk.

The real zombies , us parents, hunt toy stores and party shops . Arms laden with Halloween treasures too numerous to name. The scent of pumpkin pie lingers softly in the air as we Pinterest ideas for eyeball and spider snacks.

Houses are adored, outfits chosen, props bought , make up done and as the sweet aisles of our local stores start to look anorexically thin we can hear the slow echo of excited children and adults alike , chanting …..’Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat’

In our home , as the owners of a costume shop , Halloween is one of our favorite dress up occasions. (Not that we need an excuse to dress up )

This weekend was no exception and as I write this my witches broom lays casually perched against a wizards cloak and batman seems to have left his costume in my laundry bin.

The older kids prepared for the Halloween party of the year. Throughout the day all sorts of creatures crept their way into our home. Monkey found a pumpkin hat and staff and headed to his first teen party , Kiki to her first disco. (Yes , there went my nerves and sanity!)

This just left little bear and me …

How exactly do you celebrate Halloween bed ridden and with a baby?

With a little bit of magic and a lot of creativity , that’s how.

Determined to record all little bears milestones and memories I decided a day of crafting was ahead of us.

First I dressed my willing , ok maybe not always so willing , little bundle up in various costumes. Several hundred photos later , we can now scrapbook for a year.

When he finally had enough of me and dosed off to sleep I scoured the net for some printables to add to our Halloween scrapbook. I discovered a lot of talented people out there and finally downloaded a cute ‘My first Halloween’ sign to start the album and a poster stating how old he is on his first Halloween.

Next I whipped out the watercolors and proceeded to paint his little feet. In the process I discovered just how ticklish he is and, for those who’ve never painted a newborns feet, just how challenging a project that is. We printed several , and I got to work with a black market turning his prints into monsters, witches and even a haunted house.

Lastly , I made a small batch of flour dough and cut a cute pumpkin shape. Onto this I pressed the imprint of his hands and feet. Again , I’m glad I did this while he was asleep. Four attempts later I finally got one that looked perfect. Into the microwave for two minutes and whaaaalaaaa! I was ready to paint our pumpkin keepsake.

All in all it was an enjoyable weekend with many cute memories. I’m looking forward to next year when we can take little bear for his first Trick or Treat walk….

Have a spooktacular happy Halloween moms xxx

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