Young Love….by Judy Dooley

Young Love….by Judy Dooley

imagesjjMy 15 year old son recently fell in love for the first time. The young Juliet had love songs composed about her, poems conceived in the mystic midnight hours and was the subject of many long soppy teen dreaming sessions.

Young Romeo had found his Juliet.

His whatsapp knew no other number and his social media was updated with the latest jpegs of her immense beauty. As we tried to get a coherent sentence from the love struck teen we could see Cupid , hiding behind the couch, snickering with that ever famous ‘gotcha look’ on his mischievous face.

Nothing could escape this love struck teen, from how she brushed her hair to the ‘cute’ thing she just said.

We saw in his joy our own teenage crushes and knowing nodded our heads while uttering “Aaaaaah! Young love”

Alas , all too soon the love of his dreams was shattered , as Juliet had met another and in one foul devastating swoop crushed my poor sons heart and dreams!

Romeos life ended. He moped and moaned leaving his , now irritated, family in the turbulent wake of his broken heart .

Certain that he could no longer go on and pining for the return of his happiness, our young Romeo wanted nothing more than the girl of his dreams and no amount of bribery, Moms magic words or sibling advice was going to help.

We were at a loss. After all you can’t just put a band aid on a young boys broken heart.

That was four days ago.

Today Juliet has been replaced by a fairer, more beautiful version of young love. She captured our young lovers crushed soul in a mall and instantaneously cured his broken heart syndrome, causing amnesia of the fact that Romeo was ever so distraught……….

Aaaaaah! Young love ….

Well played Cupid! Well played!

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