Wonder Woman Capes

As the mom of adult children and two teens who spend every second weekend with me , I’ve comfortably reached the stage where, at 42, life is mine and I can be as free and flexible as I like.

 Yes, so it was hard work raising the kids but , I was 20 years younger and truthfully I doubt I even thought about it. After all moms are on duty 24/7 aren’t we?

 So, when I was pregnant with baby H, I looked at people sideways when they mentioned how tired I’d be. I mean I do have 6 already – I’ve got this ? Right?

 I must admit , aside from being completely smitten with my handsome little boy , I am exhausted with a capital E! I’d forgotten how draining that first week at home can be.

Ever the perfectionist I’ve let deadlines slide, forgotten dishes in the sink and B is lucky he’s been fed. My to do list from Monday lies barely accomplished and I feel lucky that I got a bubble bath in .

 So  today, I rummaged at the back of my parenting cupboard and searched until I found my wonder woman cape.

Wonder woman cape you ask? Yes , we all have them. Its the one we wear to raise our families, clean our homes, love our partners, keep up with our friends and social responsibilities , enjoy our sports and hobbies and still remain sane whilst gracefully wearing our mommy tiaras.

With the cape on , hair brushed and even a touch of make up I read the wonder woman rules …..

  •  Rule 1 …… Parenting is a personal journey. Its between you and your children, not the opinions of others.
  •  Rule 2 …… Don’t be so hard on yourself. No one is perfect . You’re  doing the best you can.
  •  Rule 3 ….. Housework is forever, little children grow fast, so enjoy each moment.
  •  Rule 4 …. Its ok to feel overwhelmed. We all do, regardless the age of our children.
  •  Rule 5 … Look after yourself . A happy mom is a happy child .
  •  Rule 6 …. Find your circle. A good support group is essential in your parenting journey . You will need others to vent to, share with and keep sane.
  •  Rule 7 …. Trust your partner . After all they are your other half.
  •  Rule 8 …..Enjoy every moment , even the colicky, bad , screaming , temper tantrum moments to come . There are many parents wishing they could hold a precious bundle in their arms.  
  • Rule 9 ….create and capture your memories . You will want to look back when all too soon, your adult child leaves home.

So, with my wonder woman cape on , and tiara tilted just slightly I’m sitting back to enjoy a very long cuddle with baby H.  img-20160928-00348

Happy cuddling moms 


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